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Kscans model: Lotty & Suzy Sweet - Light and Dark
The Puppet Master had called me with great excitement to say that a great new model had walked into the agency office. She was very thin, blonde, blue- eyed and very pretty indeed. Now this is not unusual, but what was unusual was that she had hinted that she was willing to try anything. Could this be our most beautiful K Bitches model ever?

People ask how at Kscans we are able to get the prettiest girls to do the most extreme things. The answer is that you must make the shoot as soon as the model says OK. One week later she will have changed her mind, have found a new boyfriend, have found a new agency etc. etc. etc... My aim was simple to make the most beautiful male to female piss in the mouths shots ever made. The most beautiful piss in the mouth shots ever. Come on! Well you wait and see!

You may ask why I care so much about this. Well I can clearly remember as a 19 year old seeing for the first time a copy of Sex Bizarre' magazine from Color Climax Corporation, Denmark. Sex Bizarre just featured golden shower scenes. Remember this was illegal across most of Europe at the time and I am sure COMPLETELY illegal in the USA.

One photo stays in my head, a blonde leaning slightly back with a cock firing a strong burst of urine up into her mouth. My mind was blown away forever and I knew that one day I wanted to try to make the same. To this day I remain a worshipper at the foot of the Color Climax Corporation, who as far as I am concerned showed us the way (occasionally going a little too overboard as it happens!). Amazingly I think they have now stopped all new production, though their back content is still available on their website. Well what has this got to do with Lotty and Suzy Sweet ?

Not a lot other than I hope you can see why I am driven to make some really great extreme photos. The buzz I get when I see a great golden shower shot is the same I am sure as when other people see a great work of art or movie. I know all you out there like the videos, but for me the photograph is still the greatest form of erotic expression. Back to the shoot - I chose Suzy Sweet as an assistant because she makes me hot! Great girl, great looker, very nasty when required.

The whole shoot with Lotty was to get as much material in the can before she decided she had had enough. Well she stayed at it incredibly well. By the end Lotty had done some great Toilet Mouth work, including some girl/girl peeing. However the range went far further: Ass to mouth, girl-girl Anal Lollipop tasting, Analingus, Fisting, Gyno speculum tasting. All in all a really good extreme shoot with our most beautiful K Bitch ever. For me it was fantastic to be working with such a beautiful girl, and yet for her to be freely doing some of the most extreme perversions of erotic humiliation.

Thank you Lotty for being so beautiful and being our Bitch for the day.

Kscans model: Lotty & Suzy Sweet - Light and Dark - preview pics
Lotty & Suzy Sweet preview pictures Lotty & Suzy Sweet preview pictures Lotty & Suzy Sweet preview pictures Lotty & Suzy Sweet preview pictures
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