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Kscans model: Sandy - Pure Blonde
Captain K had wanted to work with Sandy for some time. She is a beautiful and highly professional model. Dedicated fans of the adult' net will recognise that Sandy has appeared on a number of professional sites (including her own website). So what was different this time? Well Sandy has never done an extreme shoot before. What's more, Cameron and Sandy are great friends. Could Captain K stop them talking? Well he managed for a few shots but you will see that in most shots they just kept talking away. It does not seem to matter to these girls that one of them has a speculum opening her up to the world or is pissing for the camera! The girl talk just carried on! Captain K was left wondering what he could do to actually embarrass these girls.

And don't think that a bit of fisting will shut them up either. Clearly sticking your fist in your friend's cunt is no reason to stop the conversation! Of course, fisting is just a natural thing for girls these days!

Captain K always prepares well for his shoot and tries to keep to the shoot plan. Well Sandy, just strides in and announces that she needs to piss. Do you want to shoot it? Well of course. In that case, you have got 10 minutes before I piss myself! Decision? Forget the shooting plan and photograph the girl. That's what she asking for! A quick make up session and away with the shoot.

The speculum (both plastic and metal) was new for Sandy and the Intimate Games scene threw her completely. Captain K is just too nasty for these professional models! Sandy is great however for coming up with new ideas and angles for the shoot.

Take a look at Sandy hanging out of the main window. As always, that's for real. She just got up there and started talking to a friend who was looking after her car in the street. Next thing Captain K knows is that she is obligingly holding her asshole open for the camera. Morale of the story? Keep your camera ready.

Problems? Well Sandy must have the largest mobile phone bill in the business. When the girls are not talking with each other, they have to be talking to someone else on the mobile. Ass to mouth not for Sandy I'm afraid. When you can chose where in the world you want to work tasting the brown stuff is just not part of the game plan.

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