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Kscans model: Pocahontas - Long Black Hair
Elegant, tall and very long black hair. That is the impression that Pocahontas made on Captain K. A professional model, classic look, experienced, holds herself well, very glamorous.

All in all, he expected another glamour pants model who will be uncomfortable with a Captain K shoot! Actually things turned out pretty well, because Pocahontas is so professional. But honestly, it took her way past her comfort zone.

In particular, Pocahontas did some great urinating scenes - a good strong peeing flow - just the type that we like to see. Captain K really liked one scene of her wearing a combat camouflage tee shirt. For some reason, she looked really great. Complete accident of course because Captain K can be hopeless at selecting outfits for the models. Thinking about it was our lovely make up assistant who selected the outfit.

Pocahontas also did a good job of a "Panties into her Pussy" scene. She was genuinely puzzled by the whole affair - but yes the panties did get pushed all the way up into her vagina - and then slowly they were removed and up? and into her mouth so that she could get the full flavour.

The shoot went onto some really good work - Intimate Games time, Vaginal speculum bizarre scenes, Tasty speculum lollipop (yes, getting that sticky lollipop nice and covered in her deep vaginal mucus and then up and into her mouth. It's lovely seeing a professional model tasting her smelly white sticky stuff for the first time.

This of course is just the soft stuff before we build up to the real Captain K challenge. I am pleased to report that elegant Pocahontas performed the scenes with a fair degree of professional composure but she also a fair degree of embarrassment. Having to suck the lollipop clean after it had been deep into her anus was another matter. That really was too much for her - but she did it. It was at this point that Pocahontas decided that Captain K was an unnecessary part of her day!

Overall summary. Well Pocahontas did really well, especially considering that this is definitely not the kind of work that she would normally consider. The strange thing however is that Captain K never clicked with the girl. He just didn't get on with her? so be it?. you can't love every model. Perhaps she is just too tall, too elegant, too professional - but it was sure as hell fun seeing a girl like that sucking an anus flavoured lollipop! Try asking a model to do that next time your walking down 5th Avenue!

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