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Kscans model: Eva Black - Naughty Smile
What an extreme shoot. The hardest Captain K has done so far - but with such a sexy girl. Eva Black is not the most classically beautiful model but she has a lovely sweet girl next-door smile. A good sense of humour and a wicked personality. Eva Black was great fun to work with and took things well beyond her comfort zone. Captain K really enjoyed working with her and it was one of our most memorable shoots.

At the start of the shoot we had an idea from earlier castings with Eva Black that she might be prepared to consider the more extreme stuff. Peeing in the mouth was what we wanted to try - but she was not at all keen.

However during the shoot, we found that Eva could not do peeing in front of camera. Well it happens! Some girl's just can't. Keen as ever not to stop the shoot, we suggested forgetting about her peeing but how about her taking the pee in her mouth. ? She agreed! Well great, lets get started.

From that point the shoot got harder and harder. Ultra strong pee in the mouth shots, sucking a penis with a mouthful of urine, bucket loads of yellow piss. What a fantastic first time toilet mouth!

She was very embarrassed by this suggestion but she agreed. What followed was our most intimate demonstration of what goes on behind a girl's locked bathroom door. Eva Black cleaned herself time and time again, squatting over the toilet and squirting the water. If you love intimate toilet moments, you will love this.

This got us ready for the anal workout. By this stage we had realised that Eva Black had submissive tendencies and was happy to be pushed to the limits. The use of the black anal baseball bat on her anus was tremendous, opening up her pink canal and really taking it to a painful extreme. Of course this was accompanied with lots of ass to mouth tasting.

Our final shoot took us into completely new territory. It was a vaginal fisting - performed by Captain K. We started off slowly, gradually building up the pressure as her vagina opened. Wider and wider, deeper and deeper until it clearly became uncomfortable. It was highly erotic to feel this beautiful girl at the end of your hand. Every movement resulted in a new expression on her face.

Inside her vagina you could feel her soft cervix and could play with the neck of her womb. Eventually as we got deeper, her eyes reddened and she started to cry. Erotic tears of submissive humiliation with a man's fist opening her vagina to the maximum. If you enjoy the submissive relationship of pleasure and pain, you will enjoy this highly charged shoot. You can be sure that at Kscans, when we say we have taken a girl to the limit, you will be able to see that we are telling the truth.

We just loved Eva Black. And when we had finished, she left as she came, happy, smiling and very very sexy indeed.

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