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Kscans model: Dorothy Black - Golden Brown
Dorothy Black is a recently published European edition Playboy model. You can tell as much from her classic glamour look and poses. But boy, does she have an attitude. How she ended up accepting the shoot with Captain K, god alone knows. She knew full well what was expected of her. We explained it to her for over half an hour at the agency. For some reason she presumed that we were not being serious. Dorothy Black arrived 30 minutes late and started to tell us what time she would be leaving. You should not do that to any client, let alone your agent! She set out what she would and wouldn't do.

Captain K patiently went on with the glamour style shoot. When it came to the first part of the harder style, Dorothy Black starts to complain. Now normally Captain K is reasonably forgiving, but at this point he stopped shooting, and asked Dorothy Black to leave.

The surprise on her face! No one has said that to her before. After some quick phone calls and a cup of coffee, Captain K laid all the instruments out on the table, and one by one told Dorothy Black what she had to do. If she was not happy, then she could leave immediately. Surprise, surprise, Dorothy Black wanted to carry on. So we did - but on Captain K's terms.

Captain K had some new instruments, the 'ripper' and anal proctoscopes. Dorothy Black did everything. Dorothy Black was most worried about the metal baseball bat in her pussy. By this time however, she knew what was expected of her. Look at the shots of the bat inside her cunt. It was extremely uncomfortable for her and it took some time in order to work the metal bat up inside her.

Things really got hard, when we got onto the ass to mouth shoot. We did this again and again. Watch out for the videos in the near future. This was really too much for our Playboy model and she hated it. The proctoscope worked well, opening up her asshole. What was great was that the proctoscope gave her no control of her anal muscles. At one point she let out a ripping fart. She just wanted to die of embarrassment, but of course we kept going.

Captain K pushed Dorothy Black harder than any model before. He had been annoyed by her early tantrums and he was short on sympathy. We hope you enjoy it. The shots that Captain K likes best, are the 'behind the scenes' shots taken as Dorothy Black was getting dressed and about to leave. They are very poor shots, with terrible lighting. But look how she has changed from that glamorous Playboy model, to a humiliated and tired 'girl next door'.

We hope this shoot taught Dorothy Black a lesson and that next time she will behave less like a spoilt glamour model.

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